[Telepathy] API Draft for high level tubes in tp-qt4

Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre.magalhaes at collabora.co.uk
Wed Jun 2 20:54:13 PDT 2010

I just did a quick look here and found one thing that should be changed.
Please remove the __k__ or similars to method names. Please use the
tp-qt4 convention which just uses onFoo, gotFoo, ...

Also please file a bug in fd.o (Product Telepathy, Component tp-qt4) if
not already there and add a patch keyword to Keywords when ready to
review and the link to your branch in URL. This is how we are doing code
review. So there is no need to send mails to the ml when ready to
review, just re-add the patch keyword and I or someone else will review

When approved I will add a r+ to the Whiteboard, meaning it is ready to

Please don't merge this before I am able to fully review it, which is on
my priority list.


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