[Telepathy] API Draft for high level tubes in tp-qt4

Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre.magalhaes at collabora.co.uk
Wed Jun 2 21:13:43 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 00:54 -0300, Andre Moreira Magalhaes wrote:
> Also please file a bug in fd.o (Product Telepathy, Component tp-qt4)
Already filed 2 bugs for this. The first one is to add the Tube
interface (fd.o#28366) support and the second is to add StreamTube
(fd.o#28367) support. Feel free to add one for DBusTube support

Please split your changes in 2 branches one for Tube specific changes
and the other one on top of you tube branch to implement StreamTube.
This way we can merge one while the other is still being implemented if
needed. Also DBusTube should be on top of the tube branch in case
someone is implementing it.

Use the Keywords/URL fields on the bug as explained in my last mail.

It would be good if you could rebase master also in case no one bothers,
so it's easier to know what really changed. Or at least inform what is
the first commit to check in the bug.


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