[Telepathy] Telepathy Folks progress..

Travis Reitter travis.reitter at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jun 21 09:16:41 PDT 2010

On Sat, 2010-06-19 at 19:30 +0200, Frederik Nnaji wrote:
> Hi Travis, thanks a lot for responding!!
> On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 17:39, Travis Reitter
> <travis.reitter at collabora.co.uk> wrote:

> EDS again? I thought we could finally move away from that..
> I went as far as considering .vcf with perhaps an extra .meta file per
> individual for metadata that won't be appropriate in a vcard file.

Really, EDS isn't ideal, but it's gotten a lot better in the last year
or two, and the people working on it now seem to have a good idea of
what needs to be done to improve it.
>         You might want to help out on that if you'd like
>         to do contact management (since we'll need a writable back-end
>         to be
>         able to save changes to contacts, etc.).
> There's nothing really fastpath in syncing metacontacts to a table
> AIUI, so a text file per individual should suffice in my
> understanding.
> What's the issue with using plain files from your point of view (if
> there is any)?

You could do that, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's a lot slower than
e-d-s. Eg, if you've got 300 contacts, and you want to search, you'll
have to open 300 files, read them, marshal them into your in-memory
structure, then start the actual search.

I think a database really makes sense in the context of contacts.
They're really optimized for retrieving and slicing data, which address
books spend a lot of their time doing.


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