[Telepathy] API Draft for high level tubes in tp-qt4

Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre.magalhaes at collabora.co.uk
Wed May 12 07:30:00 PDT 2010

On 11/05/10 13:36, Olli Salli wrote:
> Finally had time to take a more thorough look at your code. Some observations:
> Account::createStreamTube: about including TargetHandle == 0 in the
> request when contact is NULL: the spec states about TargetHandle that
> "If this is present in a channel request, it must be nonzero". So, I
> think you should return a PendingChannelRequest which fails
> immediately if the contact isn't valid. However, I realize what you
> did is what the other Account methods are doing as well - Andre, can
> you give me a heads up on why this is so? Should we just change them
> all in fact?

I don't remember exactly why we used this here. But I remember Simon 
explaining why we should do so. I will check with him and let you know.

> Account::create*DBusTube: please comment them out as long as they
> aren't actually implemented ;) (That is, if a merge is planned at this
> point). Also, I think "SingleDBusTube" could be clearer as
> "P2PDBusTube", as that's the terminology we've otherwise used.
> TubeChannel: I think it indeed makes sense to not have a separate
> TubeState feature (which you've commented out already), as any user of
> a tube channel will be interested in the state. As a side note, the
> warning output in tubeState() actually says FeatureChatState must be
> requested ;) In fact, to have the separate feature would be in a sense
> similar to having Connection's Status as an optional introspectable,
> which is clearly wrong.
> The documentation for FeatureCore says it's implicitly added to the
> set of features for isReady() and becomeReady() - is this really true?
> I see the FT channel docs say the same, but I don't think such a
> mechanism actually exists (while it would be useful). However,
> becomeReady does have a default parameter of Channel::FeatureCore, but
> that doesn't extend to subclasses. Andre? Maybe we could make
> ReadinessHelper always assume all registered introspectables with
> critical == true as requested, or something?
When defining an introspectable you can define a FeatureX depending on 
another FeatureY. What we do is to make all introspectables depend on 
FeatureCore, so when they are asked to be ready FeatureCore will be 
prepared first.
Also ReadyObject takes the "FeatureCore" as a param, so when calling 
becomeReady with no params it will use the feature set as the core feature.


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