[Telepathy] How cross-platform is Telepathy (could it run on iPhone?)

Johan Lantz johan.lantz at genaker.net
Mon Nov 15 01:58:16 PST 2010


I have just started to investigate cross-protocol IM libs and so far I have
come across Telepathy and libpurple and there are still some things that are
not perfectly clear to me (actually a lot of things but anyway :-)

We are a small company making communication clients and naturally having the
features Telepathy seems to offer would be really nice. The key for us is
that our core source is very platform independent. It runs on all mobile
platforms supporting native code and I need to know how platform independent
Telepathy is.

For many platforms we can use Qt and there the bindings for Qt in Telepathy
are naturally very interesting so the big questions right now is if
Telepathy would run on iPhone? I did some quick investigations for libpurple
and I found some comments on that libpurple required glib and was also very
hard to link statically and theses two things would probably make it hard to
use on iPhone. I did not find the corresponding info for Telepathy and I
wonder if anyone can shed some light on this topic and even provide more
information about the platforms Telepathy currently runs on? Is it only
Linux based OS or does it have support for Symbian and/or other operating
systems as well and especially iPhone?

Thanks in advance for any clarification
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