[Telepathy] Telepathy git repositories moving to freedesktop

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd.simons at collabora.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 04:29:58 PST 2010

Hey all,

As Will (should have) announced in his Telepathy talk at the Meego
summit this morning, we will be moving our git repositories (back) to
freedesktop.org. If you don't want to read a long mail, please make sure
to apply for an fd.o account ASAP if you currently have/use commit
access to the various Telepathy repositories, but don't have access to
the telepathy group on freedesktop yet.

One of the main reasons for this move is that we think it's broken for
an open-source project (and especially a freedesktop project) to require
an account on a machine owned and run by a commercial entity to have
commit access. Even if that company is more then happy to create
accounts for external contributors. 

As part of this move we also want to somewhat formalize the way one can
get access to the project for contributors. For this we're planning to
basically copy the policy webkit has in this area[0]. With the main
exception that we won't require a committer agreement to be signed. In a
nutshell the process has three levels: contributor, committer and
reviewer. Everyone starts out as a contributor with no write access to
the repository, moving from contributor to committer and from committer
to reviewer is done after the person has shown good judgment, done a
reasonable amount of contributions and with the blessing of the existing

The time-line for the move is as follows:
  * This week:  
    * Move the wocky repository as a test (we need to setup various
      commit hooks to notify the buildbot and the comittors list)
    * Clarify and discuss the committer and reviewer policy more
      (iotw document it on the telepathy wiki and get feedback from this
  * Next week (assuming both of the above went well):
    * Actually move the telepathy repositories! (to avoid disruptions,
      i will announce the precise day of the move at least two days in

0: http://webkit.org/coding/commit-review-policy.html
Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd.simons at collabora.co.uk>
Collabora Ltd.

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