[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: libfolks 0.3.0

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 03:58:41 PDT 2010

On Fri, 01 Oct 2010 at 10:22:35 -0700, Travis Reitter wrote:
> libfolks 0.3.0 — Anyway, I'm an upstanding citizen
> * Bumped telepathy-glib dependency to 0.11.16

I suggest having libfolks "officially" depend on 0.12.0 even though it added
no new API. As I understand it, for libfolks to work correctly, telepathy-glib
must have been compiled against gobject-introspection 0.9.6 and Vala 0.10.0;
those minimum versions are enforced by the tp-glib 0.12.0 build system.

(Pure-C code should generally depend on 0.11.16 to be nice to distributions
that don't have the new g-i, though.)


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