[Telepathy] A little feature idea

Gendre Sebastien korbe at romandie.com
Sun Oct 24 12:30:40 PDT 2010

Hello everybody.

A few weeks I started to creat a new feature for Empathy. 

Bit I go help PiTiVi and continue my own software (I hope release the
first version for Gnome 3.1). Then if someone want to build my idea
before I have time to go back on, I send all information about this

The idea is simple:
All softwares could send video stream to a XMPP contact and contact
could see it directlty on the video chat window. No more software needed
for the contact.


- I want to do a conference but auditors are not in the same place. I
share my slides, my voice and my face to auditors and y can see their
faces and listen their voices fot listen their questions.

- I want to share my holiday photos with my family and talk with them
(the family, not my photos :D) but keep my photo on my PC.

- I work on PiTiVi and I want to share the current result with contactes
but keep the control of the paying and I want to talk witj contact in
the same time.

I think the better solution is to put the max of code on Empathy for
have the min of work to have a software compatible.

For exemple, on Evince:
- Make a video stream from the widget that displaying the document.
- Send this to Empathy and request to send this to a contact(via D-Bus).
- Empathy display a window to the user to ask """Evince want to share
"Conférence sur la reproduction des papillons en milieu marin". With
whom do you want to share this""". User can selecte one or more contact
on a list and click to OK or Cancel.
- If the user click on OK, the contact selected receives an invitation
to begin a video tchat. The video stream are send with a tag (to not be
confused with the webcam video stream).
- When the Empathy client of the contact see this video stream, it
change the regular "Video Tchat" window for a "Video Tchat" window with
an additional widget for displaying the video stream send from Evince.
This widget takes the majority of the surface of this "Video Tchat"

For send the video stream between a software and Empathy, we can do this
like Gnome-DVB-deamon or use the Media Server 2 of Rygel*. And between
two, or more, Empathy client we can use Jingle.

What do you think? Is anyone interested?


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