[Telepathy] SIP Session without Account

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> On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 17:45 +0200, Esben Stien wrote:
> > Empathy won't let me start a conversation without any accounts.
> >
> > SIP does not require that you have an account on a server to be able
> to
> > dial it.
> Telepathy-SofiaSIP doesn't support P2P SIP, it sends all messages
> through the SIP proxy. If you really want to do P2P SIP, your best bet
> is probably Ekiga right now. That said, I really haven't seen anyone
> use
> P2P SIP in real life.

... But if somebody does, I'd be happy to review a patch to telepathy-sofiasip.
The sofia-sip stack permits proxy-less operation. Some modifications are needed to support the p2p mode in telepathy-sofiasip. A good start is a parameter to make it omit the proxy parameter when constructing the NUA stack instance. The default IP socket binding is to INADDR_ANY on the default SIP port, so the stack should automatically become a usable UAS. It can resolve destinations for outbound requests too (one caveat here is that sofia-sip uses only DNS and ignores other host name lookup methods). There might be some issues with interpreting the request URI or the To URI as addressed to the local user; all incoming requests are currently handled as if addressed to our local user without checking.

Hope this helps,

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