[Telepathy] One big repository

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:57:35 PST 2011

Le jeudi 01 décembre 2011 à 18:44 +0000, Jonny Lamb a écrit :
> Email is way too hard for me.
> What is this I don't even
> =========================
> Basically, the idea is to throw the following Telepathy components into
> one repository (to rule them all):
>  * farstream
>  * gabble
>  * glib
>  * logger
>  * mission-control
>  * qt4
>  * salut
>  * spec
>  * yell

To avoid confusion, all those needs "telepathy-" prefix. We are not
going to ship libglib, libqt4 and libgstfarstream :)

Note that tp-yell is soon going to die, I already have all its code
ported in tp-glib itself for call1.

> Open questions
> ==============
> Build system
> ------------
> At the moment, in this test repository, things are starting to get
> better by not using their own copy of the spec and using upstream
> instead, but stuff like distcheck won't work at all because I've not
> told tp-glib to distribute with a copy of the spec.
> Basically, how do people think the build system should work? I
> originally thought it'd be neat to be able to:
> % cd telepathy/gabble
> % ./configure
> % make

I would make a global ./configure && make. but with a --disable-foo for
each submodules. I'm not sure GNOME people will like being forced to
have qt-dev to build telepathy :)

The question is would KDE people be shoked if tp-qt drops cmake in favor
of autotools?

> Wocky
> -----
> Both salut and gabble use wocky. This whole single repository thing is
> nothing to do with Wocky and currently it's not to do with merging
> gabble and salut, so I'm tempted to just leave gabble and salut with
> having their own Wocky submodules. Does that sound reasonable?

Or we could finally make its own public library? Do we have real stuff
blocking this, or just api stability paranoid?

Other stuff:

 * Unit test infrastructure should also be shared. atm tp-qt4 copied
tp-glib fake CMs and both diverted, we should merge them back. I hope
that won't be too difficult.

Xavier Claessens.

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