[Telepathy] GNUmed medical record and TP

Sebastian Hilbert sebastian.hilbert at gmx.net
Sun Feb 13 10:46:53 PST 2011

Hi all,

I have been thinking about this for a couple years and now that TP makes the 
headlines every now and then I restarted the effort to evaluate TP for GNUmed.

The idea is described in detail at


After reading through various presentations linked in the Wiki as well as some 
examples I found on the Web I would like to ask few questions.

1.) GNUmed is done in python and wxpython.
Q: What is (currently) the best way to utilize TP ? telepathy-python or 
telepathy-glib. Which of those bindings is stable and what versions of those 
should I look at.

2.) GNUmed runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Q: Given the above what would be the best solution to be cross platform. Is 
dbus et al. available and packaged for all the above ?

3.) GNUmed would utilize tubes for data exchange and later realtime 
collaboration, voip and video chat 
Q: Does this change anything with regards to being the libs used? Could you 
please name the libs (I have trouble keeping up with the names and renaming)

4.) If possible GNUmed would use the roster to use SIP calling if a contact is 
Q: Is it possible and which are the libraries I need to study ?

5.) GNUmed could make use of Xzibit.
Q: From what I see it is prototype stuff. Is this an official part of TP or 
more or less a "time permitting free time effort" ?

6.) GNUmed can be opened in multiple instances on one computer (each working 
on a different patient). Data and Files will be sent from one user (GNUmed 
instance) to another. Both users (GNUmed instances) can be on the same PC or 
different PCs and even networks.
Q: Regarding a client. Would this require having a client in each GNUmed 
instance (in other words rewriting a client from scratch) or is it possible to 
reuse an existing client like empathy and binding that client to a GNUmed 
instance (exposing multiples users to other parties) so the sender of a file 
can pick the right user (GNUmed instance) to send a file to ?

7.) Could one who knows TP please name the libraries I need to look at (in 
that order)
- Text chat
- File transfer
- video chat
- sip (voip in general) calling (contact from roster)
- window sharing for collaboration on patient or tech support

I hope some of you will find the time to evaluate if TP is right for the job 
and estimate how much work is involved to get this done in principle 
(excluding the GNUmed specific code and assuming all libraries are in a usable 

Best regards,
Sebastian Hilbert
GNUmed team

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