[Telepathy] GNUmed medical record and TP

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Tue Feb 15 00:07:07 PST 2011

Le dimanche 13 février 2011 à 19:46 +0100, Sebastian Hilbert a écrit :
> Hi all,

Hi Sebastian,

> I have been thinking about this for a couple years and now that TP makes the 
> headlines every now and then I restarted the effort to evaluate TP for GNUmed.
> The idea is described in detail at
> http://wiki.gnumed.de/bin/view/Gnumed/SocialDesktop
> After reading through various presentations linked in the Wiki as well as some 
> examples I found on the Web I would like to ask few questions.

Looks like you are asking some questions that I already replied to you
in private few weeks ago. Didn't you get my reply?

> 1.) GNUmed is done in python and wxpython.
> Q: What is (currently) the best way to utilize TP ? telepathy-python or 
> telepathy-glib. Which of those bindings is stable and what versions of those 
> should I look at.

telepathy-glib is the way to go. GObject introspection support is pretty
so you'll need a recent version of the stack; I suggest you to grab
latest version of telepathy-glib and python-gobject.

Note that, depending of your needs, you may need to use pure D-Bus
python as well if there is no high API in tp-glib yet. If that's the
case please let us know which API you are missing so we'll have a better
idea of what are the biggest gab to fill.

> 3.) GNUmed would utilize tubes for data exchange and later realtime 
> collaboration, voip and video chat 
> Q: Does this change anything with regards to being the libs used? Could you 
> please name the libs (I have trouble keeping up with the names and renaming)

tp-glib has high level API for stream tubes (TpStreamTubeChannel) so
those should be pretty easy to use.
It doesn't have API for the D-Bus ones though:

> 4.) If possible GNUmed would use the roster to use SIP calling if a contact is 
> offline. 
> Q: Is it possible and which are the libraries I need to study ?

Do you mean a SIP roster ala Ekiga using SIMPLE? This is not supported
atm: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16306

If you mean getting phone numbers from your evolution address book and
use SIP to call them, that should be possible soon using Folks which
will gain a eds backend.

> 5.) GNUmed could make use of Xzibit.
> Q: From what I see it is prototype stuff. Is this an official part of TP or 
> more or less a "time permitting free time effort" ?

Best to let Thomas answered, I don't know what's the current state of

> 7.) Could one who knows TP please name the libraries I need to look at (in 
> that order)
> - Text chat

tp-glib (TpTextChannel)

> - File transfer

There is no tp-glib API yet but someone started working on it:

> optional:
> - video chat

We started implementing API for that in TpYell but that should be merged
to tp-glib once it's done.



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