[Telepathy] Telepathy Logger being redesigned

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at collabora.co.uk
Tue Jan 11 15:08:48 PST 2011

Hi all,

some people might already have notice that Telepathy Logger is getting
some non-backward compatible changes recently. First, don't worry, we
created a 0.1 branch that can be use to keep bug fixing while doing this
work. The first goal is to allow logging more information then text
messages (like calls, file transfers, etc). To achieve this, we need an
API that abstract the type of events we store and that also abstract the
type of log stored.

We plan in doing multiple rework of the API in the next few days to make
it more consistent, easier to use and well adapted for the upcoming
features. One of the main thing currently happening is to use a
generalized name for things we log. So far we had messages, entries and
events which where all synonyme. Event has been chosen, thus all the API
has been reworked by Emilio to replace references from message to event,
and replace things like chat_id to simply become chat, which leads to a
new API that has minimal abstraction of the message type.

Next step will be to rename TplEntry into TplEvent, so getting events
will actually return TplEvent, and not TplEntry. More work will be
required to clarify some of the getters and search functions. Current we
have function like _get_events() that actually return list of SearchHit,
which are actually just buddies (contacts or entities) not real search
hit. More function will be targeted for renaming and return type
correction. One of the goal, if possible, is to simply remove SearchHit
from TPL types, or make it specific to content search.

The upcoming features we have in mind are support for logging Calls,
Support for deleting logs (all of them, a group or a specific one),
rework the SQLite log store to make it good enough to replace the
current XML file backend.

Nicolas (alias stormer)
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