[Telepathy] Telepathy Logger being redesigned

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at collabora.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 09:26:46 PST 2011

Le mercredi 12 janvier 2011 à 10:02 +0100, Xavier Claessens a écrit : 

> Hello,
> Something I would like to see is a cleaner split between the daemon
> code, and the library code that provide the client API. Looking at the
> source tree, I see the daemon is one trivial file in src/ and all the
> code is in telepathy-logger/. Surely some files could be moved to src/
> because they are not useful for the client API? Ignore me if I'm
> wrong :)

I think your right. While most of the code is common, some stuff like
the observer can probably be removed from the library side. Log store
will probably stay in the library for simplicity, even if the writing
part of the code is not used by clients (only the daemon can write).
I'll create a bug for that.

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