[Telepathy] Investigating QML + Telepathy

Bilhanan Silverajan Bilhanan.Silverajan at tut.fi
Fri Jul 29 03:42:25 PDT 2011

Ok, I'll start my experiments by first looking into the telepathymanager, 
and if need be, also look into KDE's Telepathy (did you mean Empathy?) as 

Thanks, I really appreciate the advice,

On Thu, 28 Jul 2011, Alvaro Soliverez wrote:

> On Thursday 28 July 2011 11:31:56 Bilhanan Silverajan wrote:
>> Many thanks for this piece of information. I'm looking at the code, and
>> there appears to be TelepathyQML component. Is this part of a
>> meego-specific release somewhere?
> It's all part of the application code. This app will go into Meego Tablet.
> I think what you are looking for is on the folder plugin and telepathy-qml-
> lib/
> The first one create and loads models to be used by QML.
> The second one, particularly telepathymanager, has the communication with the
> base tp-qt4 classes.
>> I'm using Ubuntu desktop as my primary development platform. Which would
>> be better, do you think: TelepathyQML as a "native" QML library, or
>> building something with TelepathyQt4 first with a QML wrapper?
> There's no such thing as TelepathyQML.
> My advice is that you do most of the complex code on C++ classes, and you use
> QML for the UI part. You'll have enough complexity on both sides, and QML has
> limitations to deal with the kind of complex calls required by Telepathy.
> For another example, you can take a look at KDE Telepathy, which has QML UI
> too. In any case, you'll still have a great amount of C++ code to write.
> Regards,
> Alvaro
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