[Telepathy] Empathy client interfacing with the XO's Sugar

Alex Waterman imnotlistening at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 18:13:01 PDT 2012

HI Ben,

> This mostly
> > means implementing a few DBus method calls, something that I think should
> > be pretty reasonable. Does this seem like something that is reasonably
> > doable for Empathy? Would there be any interest in seeing a Sugar version
> > for Empathy?
> IMHO the right way to do this is almost 100% from the Sugar side.  There
> are already standards for the functionality in question, and Telepathy
> provides implementations of this functionality.  Empathy and Sugar are
> both built on top of Telepathy, so they should be able to communicate
> using existing standards.  The issue is mostly on the Sugar end; Sugar is
> simply not configured by default to support these standards.
Do you know what those standards are? IDo you have any specifically what
configurations are not set up correctly?

> I haven't kept up to date with Sugar network implementations, but
> essentially what is needed is a (pretty simple) Sugar activity that
> exposes the standard functionality for video chat.

It would seem that this activity must implement the DBUS methods outlines
Based on what these methods are, I think its likely they would have to be
implemented from inside Empathy itself since they change, what I assume, is
internal Empathy state.Especially the Invite() method.

Sugar already has a
> mechanism to identify specific activities as handling specific Telepathy
> functions/protocols, so that an incoming video call could be shown to the
> user as a "Video Chat Activity" session.  (This is already in place for
> text chat and the corresponding "Chat" activity.)
Having Empathy handle this as the back end would be cool, but I can't see
how this would be doable without at least some additions to the empathy
code base. Even if its just to set up a few simple DBus method calls,
change a few environment variables, and parse a couple of Sugar specific
command line arguments.

Best Regards,

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