[Telepathy] Announcing telepathy-spec 0.25.2

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 08:50:26 PST 2012

git: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-spec

The "you know what they said? Well, some of it was true" release.

New stable API:

• The Call1 family of interfaces (except for the Mute interface) is now
  considered stable, with significant changes since 0.25.1:

  · Content.Removed signal removed, use Call1.ContentRemoved instead
  · Content.I.DTMF added; this supersedes everything in Channel.I.DTMF
    except the InitialTones property
  · Various redundant contact handles removed from Content.I.Media
  · MediaDescription.Reject has an "in" argument, not a nonsensical
    "out" argument
  · Stream.I.Media no longer has Pending_Pause or Paused states
  · The Ringing state has been renamed to Initialising to avoid
    confusion with the Ringing flag
  · Call1.AddContent takes an initial direction as its new last
  · Call_Flag_Locally_Muted has been removed and the other Call_Flags
    have been renumbered
  · Call_Member_Flag_Ringing has been removed and the other
    Call_Member_Flags have been renumbered
  · The destination of a forwarded call is published in the
    CallStateDetails, rather than abusing the Actor member of

• Connection.I.Addressing1 is now stable, and identical to
  Connection.I.Addressing.DRAFT in 0.25.1 except for its name

• Account.Supersedes has been added

• Connection.I.ContactList.DownloadAtConnection has been added,
  together with the Download method

• A serialization has been defined for arrays of object path in .manager
  files (and by extension, anything sharing that format)


• Account.Service should also be used for IRC networks

• Channel.I.DTMF.InitialTones should only be used in conjunction with

• The policy for versioned interfaces is now documented

Changes to experimental API:

• Channel.I.Addressing1 is the new name for Channel.I.Addressing.DRAFT,
  but is still considered experimental

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