[Telepathy] Announcing telepathy-glib 0.17.5

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 11:04:42 PST 2012

The “I have no privates but I have a heart!” release.

git: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-glib


• telepathy-spec 0.25.2:
  · the Call1 family of interfaces
  · Conn.I.Addressing1
  · Chan.I.CaptchaAuthentication1
  · Account.Supersedes

• Add TpCallChannel, TpBaseCallChannel and other Call-related
  high-level API. (A team effort involving Olivier, Xavier, Danielle,
  Sjoerd, Will, Nicolas, Jonny, David and possibly others)

• tp_account_manager_get_most_available_presence() now returns
  (AVAILABLE, "available, "") if the only connected accounts does
  not implement SimplePresence. (Guillaume)

• Add tp_base_channel_get_self_handle(). (Xavier)

• TpBaseChannel now has a virtual get_interfaces() method. (Danielle)

• tp_connection_disconnect_async: high level API to disconnect a
  TpConnection. (Simon)

• tp_unix_connection_receive_credentials_with_byte() and
  tp_unix_connection_send_credentials_with_byte() now have
  async equivalents. (Xavier)

• Produce DLL files when compiled for Windows. (Siraj)


• fd.o #45554: fix use-after-free if various async results are kept
  until after the callback has returned, which is considered
  valid. (Simon)

• tp_account_manager_get_most_available_presence() now returns
  ("offline, "") as status and message if no account is connected,
  as stated in the doc, instead of (NULL, NULL). (Guillaume)

• TpChannel: fix a crash when preparing contacts. (Xavier)

• fdo.o #45982: fix a crash in TpBaseContactList when using
  RenameGroup()'s fallback code. (Guillaume)

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