[Telepathy] Announce: telepathy-mission-control 5.15.0

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Fri May 3 07:37:04 PDT 2013

The “any other citizen of the Queen” release.

This starts a development branch. It adds features, and probably
exciting new bugs too.

Running this version of Mission Control for the first time will
automatically migrate some account data to a new format. If you
subsequently downgrade to an older version, it will no longer understand
all account data. Taking a backup copy of
~/.local/share/telepathy/mission-control before you upgrade is recommended.



• GLib 2.32 is now required.
• The regression tests now require Python 2.6.


• McpAccountStorage::altered, which appears to have never worked, is now
  deprecated (fd.o #28288). Emit ::altered-one instead.

• mcp_account_storage_iface_set_priority() etc. are now deprecated.
  Use, for instance, "iface->priority = prio" instead.


• Account storage plugins (McpAccountStorageIface) may, and should,
  implement the new set_attribute(), set_parameter() and owns()
  methods. These methods allow the plugin to know the type of each
  attribute or parameter, which is presented as a GVariant.
  (fd.o #54872, Simon)

• `mc-tool get <account> AutomaticPresence` now works
  (fd.o #54780, Simon)

• When running under GNOME 3 or Unity, MC will attempt to enable
  connections' power-saving features while the session is idle;
  this is currently effective for Google Talk XMPP connections.
  (fd.o #62530; Xavier, Simon)


• Update to the current ConnMan D-Bus API (fd.o #56600;
  Mike Ruprecht, Joshua Lock)

• If a stored parameter has a value inappropriate for its type
  (e.g. require-tls=2 where the connection manager expects require-tls
  to be boolean), invalidate the account, rather than treating the
  value as 0, "", [] etc. (fd.o #54870, Simon)

• Handle Connection errors better, and in particular, don't try to
  reconnect on SoftwareUpgradeRequired or ConnectionRefused
  (fd.o #37844, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)

• Handle errors from RequestConnection correctly, rather than as
  NetworkError (fd.o #39334, Simon)

• If the stored nickname for an account is the same as the normalized
  name (identifier), don't set it on connect, in case a better nickname
  is stored on the server (fd.o #39381, Simon)

• Emit Properties.PropertiesChanged for URISchemes, as per the upcoming
  telepathy-spec 0.27.1 (fd.o #40393, Guillaume)

• McpAccountStorage::altered-one now works as intended
  (fd.o #54780, Simon)

Internal changes:

• Refactor avatar and alias handling (fd.o #55668, Simon)

• Refactor account storage (fd.o #54870, #54872; Simon)

• Improve regression test coverage for account storage
  (fd.o #54873, Simon)

• Start to remove uses of functions deprecated in telepathy-glib 0.20
  (fd.o #55391; Jonny, Simon)

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