[Telepathy] Mission-Control tests fail without connman being online

Reto Zingg reto.zingg at jollamobile.com
Tue May 7 00:55:09 PDT 2013


I have some problems with running the TP-Mission-Control tests.
Version is 5.15.0, and packages are from Nemo[1].

I run the tests with the run-test.sh script, so it set's up own dbus 
session bus. As far as I can tell it does use that one (I don't see e.g. 
anything on user session/system dbus).

Tests run fine and pass on device and virtual images, when connman is 
running and has a connection (is online).

But when:
   - connman is not running (virtual image)
   - connman is running but no WLAN/3g network is available (maintained 
by connmand, just usb0 connection but not maintained by connman 

then many tests fail. It already fails during "test set up".


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/tests/telepathy-mission-control/twisted/mctest.py", line 133, 
in exec_test_deferred
fun(queue, bus, mc)
line 37, in test
conn = enable_fakecm_account(q, bus, mc, account, params)
File "/opt/tests/telepathy-mission-control/twisted/mctest.py", line 943, 
in enable_fakecm_account
return expect_fakecm_connection(q, bus, mc, account, expected_params, 
File "/opt/tests/telepathy-mission-control/twisted/mctest.py", line 956, 
in expect_fakecm_connection
File "/opt/tests/telepathy-mission-control/twisted/servicetest.py", line 
175, in expect
event = self.wait()
File "/opt/tests/telepathy-mission-control/twisted/servicetest.py", line 
258, in wait
raise TimeoutError

other tests fail with similar failures/errors.

My understanding is that fakeconnectivity.py should "play" connman on 
the temporary session dbus. And the tests should not depend on any real 
network being available. When run with 

signal sender=:1.1 -> dest=(null destination) serial=10 path=/; 
interface=net.connman.Manager; member=PropertyChanged
    string "State"
    variant       string "online"

but it seems not to have any effect. It seems for MC there is no 
connection available and does not bring the account online.

Has anybody an idea what goes wrong?

best regards


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