[Telepathy] Telepathy in Desktops and/or RTC dev-rooms at FOSDEM?

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Thu Dec 3 11:57:30 PST 2015

On Thursday, November 19, 2015 09:02:03 AM Daniel Pocock wrote:
> As some people have probably noticed, there has also been discussion
> about Telepathy and Empathy on the GNOME release-team list recently[1]
> and follow-up on the gnome-list[2]
> I've proposed a session in the FOSDEM Desktops dev-room[3] where we
> could discuss some of these issues in person and I could demonstrate
> what I've been working on with Telepathy.  Is anybody else interested in
> participating in such a session?

I think getting the IM / VoIP subsystems working is an important task[1] so I 
at least want to express interest. Though sadly I'm over in the US and 
probably couldn't make it to FOSDEM. I have been trying to watch all of your 
talks at FOSDEM and Debconf if that helps any. Should I rejoin #debian-voip? 
It seemed really quiet their last time I was visiting.

I still owe you a Debian backport of telepathy-qt. (But I've had a string of 
personal and work problems as well as ktp release critical bugs slowing me 

Slightly off topic, I was talking with one of the sysadmins for LIGO who 
mentioned they'd been using Teamspeak for multi-site meetings after having 
bounced around a variety of other solutions. He was willing to look at mumble.

I think one of the problems driving the lack of adoption of XMPP/SIP is that 
multi-party chat & calls are weakly supported.


[1] Surrendering our ability to communicate to corporate control seems like a 
terrible idea, it allows things like this:

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