[Telepathy] Telepathy in Desktops and/or RTC dev-rooms at FOSDEM?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Dec 23 11:08:33 PST 2015

On 03/12/15 20:57, Diane Trout wrote:
> On Thursday, November 19, 2015 09:02:03 AM Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> As some people have probably noticed, there has also been discussion
>> about Telepathy and Empathy on the GNOME release-team list recently[1]
>> and follow-up on the gnome-list[2]
>> I've proposed a session in the FOSDEM Desktops dev-room[3] where we
>> could discuss some of these issues in person and I could demonstrate
>> what I've been working on with Telepathy.  Is anybody else interested in
>> participating in such a session?
> I think getting the IM / VoIP subsystems working is an important task[1] so I 
> at least want to express interest. Though sadly I'm over in the US and 
> probably couldn't make it to FOSDEM. I have been trying to watch all of your 
> talks at FOSDEM and Debconf if that helps any. Should I rejoin #debian-voip? 
> It seemed really quiet their last time I was visiting.

We just got a debian-rtc mailing list now:

and some really good news for FOSDEM.  The desktops dev-room accepted
the Telepathy talk proposal but there is a complication: I've also been
given another very big responsibility at FOSDEM, I can still do a talk
on the telepathy-resiprocate project but if anybody else from the
Telepathy community would like to help me run the session in the
desktops dev-room it would be really helpful and would allow us to cover
more aspects of Telepathy.

> I still owe you a Debian backport of telepathy-qt. (But I've had a string of 
> personal and work problems as well as ktp release critical bugs slowing me 
> down.

Please just let me know when you see it working out, it would be really
good to be able to offer this to people to try after the FOSDEM session.

> Slightly off topic, I was talking with one of the sysadmins for LIGO who 
> mentioned they'd been using Teamspeak for multi-site meetings after having 
> bounced around a variety of other solutions. He was willing to look at mumble.
> I think one of the problems driving the lack of adoption of XMPP/SIP is that 
> multi-party chat & calls are weakly supported.

Understood - Jitsi did some work on that (Jitsi Meet WebRTC) but then
they were acquired by Atlassian this year.  The Jitsi Meet solution is
open source though and you can try it at https://meet.jit.si



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