[Telepathy] merging patches into telepathy-gabble

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Wed Dec 23 11:00:32 PST 2015


I was looking through some of the bugs on the freedesktop bug tracker and saw 
that there's patches for telepathy-gabble to add  Stream Management (XEP-0198) 
and message carbons (XEP-0280)

What can we do to get these patches finished and merged? It seems like the 
current maintainers have disappeared.

Stream Management

Message Carbons

Both patches need unit tests, I feel like the stream management patch is a bit 
closer in style to the rest of wocky, but I need to read more of the wocky 
source to be sure.

However I went ahead and built a version of  telepathy-gabble with the github 
repository linked to from 46700 and am currently testing it.


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