[Telepathy] questions about memory and search contacts

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Wed Dec 30 13:51:31 PST 2015

On Wednesday, December 30, 2015 07:32:24 PM Ask Stack wrote:
> HII use Evolution to connect to office365 and Empathy to Lync.
> Empathy is working fine mostly, but I have two questions I need to ask.
> 1. Empathy uses a lot of memory. When empathy starts,  gnome-contacts also
> starts to consume large amount of memory. After empathy starts fully,
> gnome-contacts' memory usage will drop. As if Empathy is asking
> gnome-contacts to transfer the company's huge GAL to its memory, I am
> guessing of course. Is this an expected behavior for Empathy? 2. Search
> contacts doesn't work for me. In the "Search contacts" windows, on the
> "Account" drop down menu, I can see my account but it is grayed out. I can
> add accounts, but  I can not search. Did I configure my account wrong or it
> is a feature not yet implemented?

I'm curious how you got Empathy connected to Lync? Do you know what telepathy 
component is providing the connectivity?

Also have you tried launching empathy-debugger? There's a chance something 
interesting would show up?



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