[Telepathy] TelepathyQt in GSoC 2016, ABI issues

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sat Apr 23 08:16:31 UTC 2016

There are several TelepathyQt-related projects in GSoC under Debian this


To make things easier for students (and the wider pool of mentors who
may be testing their work) it will be helpful to address some ABI issues
and shared library packaging:

- if the ABI is changing on each release, should TelepathyQt libs use an
SONAME such as libtelepathy-qt4-0.9.6.so.0 ?  Currently it is
libtelepathy-qt4.so.2 - that was used for both 0.9.4 and 0.9.6 but I'm
not sure if they are ABI compatible?

The reSIProcate project uses the version-in-SONAME convention, e.g. when
you build the 1.10.1 or 1.10.2 release, you have the SONAME
libresip-1.10.so and all releases in the 1.10.x series are guaranteed to
be ABI compatible.

- the libtelepathy-qt?-service.so needs to be in the packages as a
shared object.  The concerns about the stability of this API/ABI can
probably be addressed by the SONAME proposal above.

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