[Telepathy] status of empathy and XMPP in telepathy

Michael Vetter jubalh at openmailbox.org
Tue Apr 26 00:45:15 UTC 2016


I am using XMPP with Gajim and Conversations daily.
On one device I would like to use mainly GNOME software. I never used
Empathy because as far as I know it had only basic XMPP capabillities
with no Extensions.

So today I took some time to try to research about its actual
capabillities. Usually I compare clients on [1] an [2] though both are
of course no guarantee to be up to date. Both do not feature Empathy at

I assume, that many people just think it has the same capabilities as
Pidgin has. I am not sure if that is true at all since the switch to
Telepathy. Does somebody know about the differences?

Like mentioned in another thread I have to agree that it sometimes
looks like not much development is currently going on.

I would like to dedicate some time to Empathy/Telepathy to help with
the work for XMPP. For this reason I looked around in the
telepathy-gabble repo [3].

So far I never wrote XMPP software, only used it. Because of that I
wanted to start with implementing a small extension for a start, I
thought about XEP-0333 [4].
Then I could see how it goes and hopefully continue from there.

I would like to ask if there is someone on this list who worked with
telepathy-gabble/empathy who could guide me in my initial steps, it
would be quite appreciated.

Furthermore I wanted to ask if there are any plans about the
development of XMPP inside Empathy/Telepathy that I might not be aware


1: https://www.zash.se/xmpp-clients.html
2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_XMPP_clients
3: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-gabble/tree/
4: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0333.html

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