[Telepathy] Telepathy Release process?

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Fri Nov 3 23:12:02 UTC 2017

On Sat, 2017-11-04 at 01:16 +0300, Alexandr Akulich wrote:

> The second reason is that freedesktop.org is still a preferred
> platform in terms of freedom. "Github is a proprietary platform, so
> someone can buy and close it."

I agree.

> My suggestion is to release all project presented at freedesktop.org
> via freedesktop.org at the first place and via github.com as the
> second place. I can help with both, but I develop only Qt side of
> things. Maybe there is something like "maintainer-upload-release"
> target in telepathy-idle? We have such one in telepathy-qt.

Yay! George left instructions


As far as I can tell without actually trying to write to
telepathy.freedesktop.org:.../releases/ It looks like I have all the
accounts and permissions necessary to do a release.

Looks like I'd grab the telepathy-idle-0.2 branch, and follow the

That is assuming a small bug fix is worth a release.


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