[Uim] uim-helper-applet: what does the 'R' button/menu do?

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Thu Aug 19 23:58:22 EEST 2004

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 20:59:22 +0200
gabor <gabor at z10n.net> wrote:

> > - Version of uim
> uim-0.4.2
> i have to add the uim-helper-toolbar-gtk-systray to do it.
> on the systray applet there are 2 buttons: 'a' and 'R'.
> if i click on 'R' i get 2 possibilities:
> -ローマ字
> and
> -かな
> (it is not indicated, but i think by default it is in the ローマ字 
> mode)

Yes, it is.  Most of Japanese people using romaji mode. R is initial of

> if i select かな, the following problems appear:
> 1. if i write 'shi', i get 'sし', so i have to write 'si' to get 'し’
> .(normally both si and shi work)..
> i tried it, and it behaves the following way:
> a.  i press 's'. 's' is displayed
> b. now i press 'h'.  now 'ssh' is displayed. somehow pressing 'h'
> added'sh' to the text.
> c. now i press 'i'. i get 'sshi', which is immediately translated to
> 's し'.
> -and i cannot go back to ローマ字 mode. if i select ローマ字 again,
> nothing happens.
> i have to close gedit, and open a new one to get back the original
> mode. 

Thanks, I could reproduced. Uim-0.4.2 is broken at this point. I
investigated the commit log, and fould that this bug was fixed at Aug 01
by Takuro. Wait uim-0.4.3 or use svn HEAD. Sorry for inconvenience, now
I have no time to release new uim. (I will release new uim end of this

> question (not a technical)...
> when do the japanese people use the full-width romaji characters?

Non-tekkie tend to use many full-width romaji than tekkie, but as a
whole full width romaji is rarely-used. Personally I use full-width
romaji only on face marks. IMHO (・A・) is more humorous than (・A・) a
bit. (I hope you can see these face marks...) 


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