[Uim] gtk-2.6.1:

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Wed Feb 2 23:06:30 EET 2005

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On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:26:11 +0100
G__bor Farkas <gabor at z10n.net> wrote:

> when on the textmode-console (X is not running):
> if i log in as me (gabor):
> ===
> gabor at dubb ~ $ uim-helper-server
> failed in listen(): Invalid argument
> if i log in as some other user(yolan):
> ===
> gabor at dubb ~ $ uim-helper-server
> waiting
> ===
> what do you think?
> what could affect uim-helper-server?

Still I can't guess what causes the problem, but I think that goal is
close at hand.

What we should found is that why uim-helper-server's behavior is
different on different accounts. Since uim-helper-server doesn't read any
configration, presumable reasons is little.

1. file path

What would return via "$ which uim-helper-server" on gabor and yolan? Is
that different? If different, yolan's one is right.

2. environment variable

Gabor doesn't set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

3. socket permission

uim-helper-server uses a socket on /tmp. If user name is gabor, socket
path should be /tmp/uimhelper-gabor. Owner of /tmp/uimhelper-gabor
is gabor? Maybe owner is root.


tkng at xem.jp

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