[Uim] uim-toolbar-gtk vs uim-toolbar-gtk-systray

John Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Tue Feb 15 18:17:22 EET 2005


I'm using a version of uim based off the nice packages provided here

(SVN checkin 659), and first off I want to say how nice the improvements
since 0.4.5 are, especially the GUI configuration tool.  However, I noticed 
that all the extra buttons that appear on uim-toolbar-gtk (such as launching 
the preference tool, etc.) do not appear on uim-toolbar-gtk-systray.  Is 
this expected behavior, and if so, are there plans to change it so that 
the systray applet's appearance matches that of the regular toolbar?  I 
prefer using the systray applet.

John Thacker
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