[Uim] uim-toolbar-gtk vs uim-toolbar-gtk-systray

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Tue Feb 15 21:59:30 EET 2005


On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:17:22 -0500
John Thacker <thacker at math.cornell.edu> wrote:

> I'm using a version of uim based off the nice packages provided here
> (SVN checkin 659), and first off I want to say how nice the 
> improvements since 0.4.5 are, especially the GUI configuration tool.  


> However, I noticed  that all the extra buttons that appear on 
> uim-toolbar-gtk (such as launching  the preference tool, etc.) do not 
> appear on uim-toolbar-gtk-systray.  Is  this expected behavior, and if 
> so, are there plans to change it so that  the systray applet's 
> appearance matches that of the regular toolbar?  I  prefer using the 
> systray applet.

Unfortunately, I don't have any plan to change the 'appearance' of 
systray applet for now, because area that we can use for one systray 
applet is limited. For example, on my environment, I can use only 24pix 
for the width of systray applet, that is not enough to show two or more 

But I have a plan to improve systray applet in another way.

1. Extension of right clicking menu

Currently, righ clicking menu doesn't show status of focused input 
method at all. Since the most important one is already shown as a 
toolbar button, if we can see rest of status as right click menu, there 
would be no problem.

2. Addition of keyboard shortcut to exec swithcer, pref, etc.

To be exact, it's not an improvement of toolbar itself. Since one of the 
most important role of toolbar is execution of programs, if we can exec 
them by one keyboard shortcut, need to use toolbar would decrease.

Of course, if someone has a better idea, we'll be pleased to accept 

(These improvements wouldn't be included in 0.4.6, because I want to 
release 0.4.6 ASAP.)


tkng at xem.jp

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