[Uim] Notes for packagers and new srpm for Mandrake

UTUMI Hirosi utuhiro78 at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Feb 23 07:36:06 EET 2005

// for cooker-i18n-ml


UIM doesn't update IM engine list automatically.
For example:
If you have uim-prime, uim-im-switcher shows "prime".
But uim-im-switcher still shows "prime" after you remove uim-prime.

So we need to update IM engine list in some way.
Omote-san wrote a script for it.
It updates loader.scm and installed-modules.scm.

I modified the script for Mandrake, and I added it to my SRPM.
It will update IM engine list automatically.
You can get uim-0.4.6-1.beta2.3ut.src.rpm from

See also uim.spec.diff (uim-0.4.6-*2mdk to *3ut) please.


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