[Uim] uim-0.4.7alpha1 released

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Tue Jun 14 01:53:09 EEST 2005

Sorry for the delay. Surprisingly, this is a release after an interval
of four months!

We still alive. From now, development of uim will be reinvigorated.

sha1sum:e02079f94251b7fa4c83d5d7ba61e5676a03581f  uim-0.4.7alpha1.tar.gz


This release is NOT TESTED (Actually is tested a little, but you
shouldn't trust me!). This release is not appropriate to install in
your machine yet.

Changes from 0.4.6

* uim-skk
 - Corresponded to skkserver.

* uim-xim
 - Corresponded to XFT to draw preedit strings.

* uim-helper-server
 - Fixed possible message conflict and corruption.
 - Exit when user logged out.

And many many bug fixes, many many improvements.

Release schedule

June 19 0.4.7beta1 (will be tested)
June 26 0.4.7final (Of couse will be tested)

If there are too many bugs, I'll release beta2,3,4... Every beta
release, final release date will move 3 days.


Denis Jacquerye, Jeroen Ruigrok, OHASHI Hideya, Jun Inoue, Mike FABIAN,
Mamoru KOMACHI, David Oftedal, Wesley J. Landaker

Todo until 0.4.7 final

  * Review of documents.

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