[Uim] Release manual draft

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Tue Jun 14 05:04:00 EEST 2005

This is a draft of release manual. If there's no comment, I'll commit
this manual tommorow. (Though it's a very rough, incomplete manual,
would be better than nothing.)

Release manual for uim

As of this moment, uim have three types of release on the same version.
They are alpha, beta and final. Alpha may be unstable release, may be
untested. After alpha release, new big features must not be committed.

Beta release must tested partially by the maintainer. Ideally well
tested by the maintainer. If beta1 is too unstable, beta2 should be
release to ensure the quality of final release. After beta release, new
features must not be committed.

Final release is really final release. Must be tested well.

In each release, following steps should be filled. To make final
release, you have to repeat following procedure at least three times.

1. Declare 'I will make new release' to the mailing list.

Committers must not add a new unstable feature if the declaration came.

2. Gather up brief of the release from each committers.

ChangeLog of uim is very long, so making release note from the ChangeLog
is a hard work. Therefore committer should send brief of their commit. Maybe
we sould prepare better way.

3. Checkout fresh version from svn.

 svn co svn+ssh://freedesktop.org/srv/uim.freedesktop.org/svn/trunk

4. Do build test with make releasetest

   This test is not enough, but worth. Especially it's useful when a
   new file is added. As a TODO, we should do unit test at this point.

5. Do test

   This item needs many many description... I must fill this item

6. Increment the version in configure.ac, then commit it.

7. make dist

8. Copy the source tarball to http://uim.freedesktop.org/releases

9. Tag to tags/uim-x.y.z

  svn copy svn+ssh://freedesktop.org/srv/uim.freedesktop.org/svn/trunk\

10. Send a message to uim at freedesktop.org.

11. Update web page.

tkng at xem.jp

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