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Sangwoo Shim sangwoos at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 18:46:24 EET 2005

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> At Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:55:01 +0900,
> ekato at ees.hokudai.ac.jp wrote:
> > I'm thinking about committing byeoru into our repository later today.
> > Is it OK, Yamaken?
> Of course :)


> And I have some questions about byeoru. Jae-hyeon, please let us
> know.

Although I'm sure the author will give more precise and inspiring answer,
I'll try to add some words as far as I can.

> Does the name 'byeoru' have an meaning? If it's a interpretable
> hangul word, I would like to know the original characters. Then
> we can translate or look up the word in several ways (at least
> some free Korean-Japanese translation service is available).

It is su-zu-ri (すずり) in Japanese, an inkstone.
In Korean/UTF-8 text, it is 벼루.

> Second question is not byeoru-specific but about generic "n
> beol-sik" IMs. What spelling for the word 'beol' is most
> familiar for native Korean speakers? You use the 'beol', but
> some other Korean input method use 'bul' for it (And off topic,
> Japanese refer it as "n boru shiki"). Because I could not judge
> it, uim-hangul2 and uim-hangul3 are using 'bul' in some
> description.

I'm not sure about this. There seems no definite preference for Koreans.
If you can wait for some days, I think I can collect some consensus from
the one of biggest Korean Linux user communities. ( http://kldp.org/ )
It seems that there is at least one person majoring Linguistics. :-)

> And what English translation can convey original meaning of "n
> beol-sik"? Although I know the untranslated "n beol-sik" is
> commonly used, someone like me may be interested in the meaning
> since the names "2 beol" and "3 beol" intimate that a systematic
> composition mechanism are underlying. I know both already and my
> recognition is "n-set method", but I'm still interested in the
> recognition on native Korean sense (excuse me, I'm curious on
> namings).

I'm not sure about this either. I'll also report consensus result
about this in a few time.

By the way, thank you for your splendid work.
I can't live without uim this days. :-)

Sangwoo Shim <sangwoos at gmail.com>

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