[martin at swift.is: Re: [Uim] Improvement of documentation]

Martin Swift martin at swift.is
Fri Dec 1 03:53:58 EET 2006

Hi Yamaken,

Thanks the quick history run-through. It was quite interesing. One
question, however: how do you pronounce uim? I've always spelled it
out (as if it was UIM, though I might write it lowercase for ease).

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 05:04:53AM +0900, YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen wrote:
> At Tue, 28 Nov 2006 15:50:04 +0000,
> martin at swift.is wrote:
> > Unsurmountable? No. Annoying? Yes. Any solutions? Let's see:
> Okay, it bothers. We should not use it (and thus elwiki) at
> least for now. Excuse me of my lack of knowledge about GFDL.

Sitting down and reading up on every single thing that could possibly
be of relevance is sometimes just a waste of time. I don't think you
have to apologise at all for Getting Things Done.

> Wikibooks looks good to edit and publish the new user
> document. Could you create it by yourself? I'll join into the
> editing later.

Yes, I could.

> But since Wikibooks site is intended to collect 'books', our
> random topics are not suitable for the site.

Actually, the scope of the project is to create educational material
that people are interested in. I've seen wikibooks on software and
though game guides have been sent elsewhere, I think this might just
cut it.

I'll consult with the project and see what people there think.

> But as far as I
> know, no site other than Wikia (and Wikibooks) provide it. And
> then we should run our own MediaWiki? I should estimate
> administration cost for it.

I like the idea of having the documentation with the rest of the
stuff but it might be too much of a bother to maintain such a thing
for a project of this size.

What is the current status of hosting available to the project. It has
space on freedesktop.org and Google Code. What do these offer in terms
of storage space, bandwidth and installable software?



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