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At Fri, 1 Dec 2006 01:53:58 +0000,
martin at swift.is wrote:
> Thanks the quick history run-through. It was quite interesing. One
> question, however: how do you pronounce uim? I've always spelled it
> out (as if it was UIM, though I might write it lowercase for ease).

Spell each letters separately as "you ai em", as if it is
written as 'UIM'. Actual pronunciation may vary according to
one's own native language :)

> What is the current status of hosting available to the project. It has
> space on freedesktop.org and Google Code. What do these offer in terms
> of storage space, bandwidth and installable software?

freedesktop.org is offering well enough resources for us. We
thanks the fdo guys, but these two important features are not
supported, and will probably not be.

  - Commmit mail of svn repository
  - Message numberings of mail archive (such as "Subject: [uim 3129] ...")

In addition to it, since the hosting service is not a primary
task of fdo, any support request such as adding new committer
tends to take long time.

So we are searching for another provider for the svn repository
and mailinglist service. But it is not so urgent problem. And
since Google Code and Google Groups lack some features yet, we
are still remaining here.

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