uim-chewing-0.0.0 (Re: [Uim] uim 1.3.0-alpha released)

Etsushi Kato ek.kato at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 16:36:57 EET 2006


On 12/5/06, Etsushi Kato <ek.kato at gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems libchewing is faily easy to use, so maybe I can write
> Traditional Chinese IM for uim.

So experimentally I've created uim-chewing today with a quick hack.

It is available from

MD5SUM: 4d2c167af301b1090a9ee3373df7dd27
SHA1SUM: 6b04418bf0b5136a7a2aaa946908bc2f3eb9ccd0

It requires uim >= 1.2.0 and libchewing >= 0.3.0

Since I don't know anything about the chewing input method, I don't
have any confidence in its behavior ;)  And I didn't implement
dispInterval of libchewing since I have no idea about it.

If you are interested in using Traditional Chinese IM with uim, please
try it.  Any feedback is of course welcome.

Etsushi Kato
ek.kato at gmail.com

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