[Uim] Frequently requested features for UIM

UTUMI Hirosi utuhiro78 at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Dec 8 16:06:59 EET 2006


Some Japanese users ask these features for UIM.
1. Use the specified font for the candidate window
Some users say "the characters in the candidate window are
rather big".
I want to change it by uim-pref.
2. Select full-width/half-width spaces
Many users will be happy if we could change it by uim-pref.
3. Key binding themes
uim-pref has many entries for key bindings,
but they are rather complex.
I think most users want to switch "MS-IME like" "ATOK like"
key bindings by uim-pref.

Thank you for continuing to develop UIM.

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