[Uim] uim 1.3.0 released

Etsushi Kato ek.kato at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 21:04:40 PST 2006

uim 1.3.0 has been released.  You can get it from


 MD5: 27a8bb1e44f691b8fbdb324f8ad3360d
 SHA1: 940b261602e23224b146d89d3a888a7dffbe74d6
 MD5: 3ddd5780e34428658f07bd8c5f98e5c1
 SHA1: a0ea1f210576a5e6048d822376f6278bac3d2e09

uim 1.3.0 Release Note

About This Release

This distribution of uim 1.3.0 is latest stable release of uim.

Please report us if you find a problem.

Mailinglist: uim at freedesktop.org
Bug tracking system: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/

What's New

  - Text acquisition and focus-related APIs

  - Dead keys support for the latin IM

  - Experimental Kana keyboard support

  - Flash Player 9 plugin workaround for uim-xim

  - New Try-Code Japanese IM

See NEWS for the fully detailed changes.

Notes for Packagers and System Integrators

  - The maintainer mode of configure script is introduced. If your
    package prefer your own PNG icon generation with rsvg, Add
    --enable-maintainer-mode option to configure

  - anthy.png, canna.png and prime.png are replaced with generated
    file. Be careful to maintain install procedure


  - uim 1.4.0

    Release for internal improvement. No user-visible changes other
    than resource consumption reduction. This release plan will not be
    deferred anymore.

    The non-standard-conformant Scheme interpreter of libuim will be
    replaced with newly developed SigScheme to make a room for next

  - uim 1.5.0

    Release for internal simplification. No user-visible changes.

    The complicated C part of uim which prevents extensions, design
    improvements and automated input method tests will be turned into
    Scheme codes or optimized out.

  - uim 1.6.0 and later

    The time for drastic reconstruction. Many user-visible changes.

    The composer framework will be introduced for extensible IM

Thanks to all who tested and reported the bug, including:
UTUMI Hirosi, Tomohisa Irino, Koichi Tsuchikane, Masatake Yamato, Masaki Yatsu.

Etsushi Kato
ek.kato at gmail.com

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