[Uim] [Docs] GTK-immodule not working

Martin Swift martin at swift.is
Fri Dec 29 03:13:53 PST 2006

Hi gang,

When I started working on the wikibook documentation I wasn't sure how
I'd approach the Troubleshooting section, reckoning that I'd have to
catch problems as they came in on the email lists.

Well, seems like I have the first one to start off. A little while
back -- probably on an update, but I have no idea which one -- uim in
GTK applications stopped working. Qt, XIM, uim-fep all work as before.

Now, this may very well be a GTK problem, but I have no idea how to
find out. Could anyone give me any few hints -- preferably generalized
to the other bridges as well -- which would help isolate the problem.

Some information:
 uim:    1.3.0
 anthy:   7900
 gtk+:  2.10.6



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