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YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp
Sat Dec 30 14:29:31 PST 2006

Hi Martin,

At Fri, 29 Dec 2006 11:13:53 +0000,
martin at swift.is wrote:
> Well, seems like I have the first one to start off. A little while
> back -- probably on an update, but I have no idea which one -- uim in
> GTK applications stopped working. Qt, XIM, uim-fep all work as before.
> Now, this may very well be a GTK problem, but I have no idea how to
> find out. Could anyone give me any few hints -- preferably generalized
> to the other bridges as well -- which would help isolate the problem.
> Some information:
>  uim:    1.3.0
>  anthy:   7900
>  gtk+:  2.10.6

I guess that it's an immodule (re)installation
problem. Hmm... this is a good opportunity to write down GTK+
troubleshooting. Try these steps.

1) Run following commands

  $ gtk-query-immodules-2.0 >/tmp/gtk.immodules.current
  $ diff -u /tmp/gtk.immodules.tmp `pkg-config --variable=prefix gtk+-2.0`/etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules >/tmp/gtk.immodules.diff

2) Send us following files and information

  - /tmp/gtk.immodules.current
  - /tmp/gtk.immodules.diff
  - Your OS distribution and version

I know that the gtk.immodules location varies by distros and so
above step may not work on some environments. Is anyone know a
good way to guess sysconfdir for GTK+?

And following procedure may work for such problems although of
course not a true resolution.

1) Remove all uim-related packages

2) Reboot the OS

3) Reinstall uim-related packages again

Since desktop IM environment may involve settings that effects
on X startup, rebooting the OS is an important step to deal with
such problems.

I think that writing this procedure into the troubleshooting
section as a last fallback for bridges setup problem is a good

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