[virglrenderer-devel] Debian packaging, project status?

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:11:00 UTC 2016

On 3 March 2016 at 19:17, Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.pro> wrote:
> A Debian package[1] of virglrenderer is now in progress and there is
> discussion about enabling it in qemu builds[2].
> Could anybody make any comment about the status of the project and other
> things that may need to be packaged to support it?

You pretty much need this library and qemu linked against it.

I'd probably say status of project is, initial implementation in
process of upstreaming.

> - is there any architecture diagram?  Could somebody add one to the main
> web site[3]?

Not really, I'm not a drawer but I could probably try and draw something.
> - is there any quickstart or HOWTO guide for people who want to try it?

Nope. the idea is to get the pieces upstream first and then have it just work.

> - which client software needs to be used to access a VM using Virgil 3D?

Again project is currently on its way upstream, making definitive comments is
hard as they go out of date too quick. So the answer to this question is it
dependson what version of what stuff you have. qemu 2.5 only works with local
VMs using GTK+. qemu 2.6 is hoped with the correct spice pieces in place to work
wih spice. There are of course libvirt pices to put in the place as
well and then
boxes for GNOME will need work. This stuff is all mostly in progress
and awaiting releases of various components in the virt stack, like spice*.

> - the web page mentions specific kernel versions, are these only
> required for the guest OS or also for the host OS?

The guest OS requires 4.4, the host OS really needs dma-buf but otherwise
should work with modern mesa based GL drivers.

> - what is the current status of support for non-Linux guests, e.g.
> Windows in a VM?  I saw Direct3D mentioned as a future possibility, has
> anybody expressed interest in doing that work though or could the
> Windows driver from another virtualization platform be used?

Nothing is known on this. No other driver can be used. Red Hat has an
interest in doing that work at some point but there is no timeline, and no
real work been done, so if anyone wanted to learn about writing WDDM
drivers here's a good time to learn!.

> - are there any specific applications or games you are aiming to support
> with it or testing it with on a regular basis?

gnome-shell is the only thing I have to care about from a Red Hat perspective,
we've been testing various games and using piglit on it. Most things
run, but it's
exactly blisteringly fast yet, we've left a fair bit of performance
work for after the
initial implementation is upstream.

I think once we have some initial releases upstream of the various pieces I'l
try and update the website again, at the moment things are too in flux for me
to stay on top off.


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