[virglrenderer-devel] Anyone see black screen when refreshing qemu window?

Lepton Wu lepton at chromium.org
Tue Jul 24 19:14:09 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 12:10 PM Gert Wollny <gert.wollny at collabora.com> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 24.07.2018, 11:48 -0700 schrieb Lepton Wu:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Here is a bug I met when running virlgl + qemu with my guest (Chrome
> > OS). I've put a video here to show what I mean: https://youtu.be/yG-
> > BbWHOwG4
> >
> > As you can see, when I moved around another application window, qemu
> > will show black screen sometimes.
> I haven't seen it like this, but when I run virgl with the SDL backend
> (which is required to get a GLES host context on the desktop linux)
> resizing or moving to another virtual screen and back will result in a
> black window with a simple X window manager (like backbox). I noticed
> that with the gnome desktop inside the guest this didn't happen.
> I think there is a problem with when the desktop is redrawn, it isnot
> always signalled. I even have a little script to force a redraw that I
> can run from an ssh console.
> export DISPLAY=:0
> xrandr --output Virtual-1 --off
> xrandr --output Virtual-1 --auto
> Actually, I just noticed that when I turn off the compositing on my
> desktop then it is worse. Movong the window or overlapping anather
> window results in all black, and only with these commands above I can
> bring it back.
> > This only happen when  running qemu with virgl option.
> > Actually this could be a bug in qemu side, but just wondering, is
> > this a known issue happening to everybody or just something
> > specific to my setup.
> I think it must be a SDL/qemu problem that it doesn't send the refresh
> command properly.
Thanks, yeah, I am running SDL. OK. Will put some time to see if I can
find out something.
> Best,
> Gert
> >
> > Thanks!
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