[waffle] Pending wflinfo features

Chad Versace chad.versace at linux.intel.com
Sat Mar 1 08:35:59 PST 2014


There remains an outstanding patch on the list for wflinfo:
    [PATCH] utils/wflinfo: allow requesting a core profile without a version
Did you want to get that patch committed before releasing waffle-1.4? 

If I recall correctly, there were some other remaining wflinfo features
that we discussed:
   - Allow requesting a compatibility profile without a version.

     I think this significantly improves wflinfo's usability, and should
     probably be done immediately after your analogous core profile
     patch. I could write this patch as well. You make the call.

   - If --platform is omitted, wflinfo should iterate over all available

     Doing this is tricky. The feature is a nice-to-have, but I prefer
     to not postpone waffle-1.4 for it.

Were there any other features or bugs that need to get resolved before
releasing 1.4? Am I forgetting anything?


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