Run wayland on MeeGo with a netbook

Liu, Xinyun xinyunliu at
Thu Nov 11 00:32:17 PST 2010

I can run the wayland in MeeGo successfully on an Aser netbook this afternoon.

Here is video that shows wayland without X.

I build it with a MeeGo 1.1 test image, that Pixman 1.9.4,  cairo is
1.10.0 with GL support.

And I replaced the following with specified version.

cairo 7237eb62be34370b34e0ba31504b5ae2708e44e5
drm 877b2ce15b80975b4dac42657bdfb0a3da833e1c
kbproto 6080b1839d556899ad456e60c46a925fcc285cb5
libX11 8cbca8a10761d1ea75a75bafa647632d6c0dac71
libxkbcommon f94a64cc08b47cdbfdfea5b5756340246fc391ed
macros 04030cbca37c04c48161debc0cade6db00cb347b
mesa dc524adee2cfd0f115800cd4ec3f8384010f154e
wayland b97b28c339a94223119e122ab899f500d7a4bd9e
xproto d441b9b0230b57159fa8522b80f18a0b87f5aac5

Best Regards,
Liu, Xinyun

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