Benchmark of Wayland

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Wed Nov 17 17:11:35 PST 2010

2010/11/18 Justin Lee <justinlee5455 at>

> This kind of latency due to OS scheduling could be eliminated by
> direct-procedure call. That is, the client passes the GEM buffer to
> the server just like it passes the GEM buffer as an argument to a
> function. In this approach, the compositor is not a process. Rather,
> the compositor is just a function live in the client program. So there
> will be no context switches.

So ? Move wayland entirely into the kernel ? Then there will be no delay.
And that's probably what MacOSX and Windows NT does. As far as I know,
Darwin uses quantz (AGL?)  as basis of their GUI system , but WIndows NT
uses bullshit GDI .....
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