Benchmark of Wayland

Toan Pham tpham3783 at
Wed Nov 17 18:28:44 PST 2010

>> This kind of latency due to OS scheduling could be eliminated by
>> direct-procedure call. That is, the client passes the GEM buffer to
>> the server just like it passes the GEM buffer as an argument to a
>> function. In this approach, the compositor is not a process. Rather,
>> the compositor is just a function live in the client program. So there
>> will be no context switches.
> So ? Move wayland entirely into the kernel ? Then there will be no delay.
> And that's probably what MacOSX and Windows NT does. As far as I know,
> Darwin uses quantz (AGL?)  as basis of their GUI system , but WIndows NT
> uses bullshit GDI .....

I thought about this but many people would disagree with us,
especially the entire kernel development community.
The kernel is designed to enforce policy not mechanism.  However,
Direct Rendering, particularly if we use the client/server model in
userspace, would suffer from unavoidable latency.  To make linux a
better operation system, specially for hardcore gamers, we have to put
it in the kernel.  Also, kernel implementation of the
compositor/driver and GPU syscalls shouldn't over complicate the
existing kernel core API.  I think this is the best solution!

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