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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 6:28 PM, Toan Pham <tpham3783 at> wrote:
>>> This kind of latency due to OS scheduling could be eliminated by
>>> direct-procedure call. That is, the client passes the GEM buffer to
>>> the server just like it passes the GEM buffer as an argument to a
>>> function. In this approach, the compositor is not a process. Rather,
>>> the compositor is just a function live in the client program. So there
>>> will be no context switches.
>> So ? Move wayland entirely into the kernel ? Then there will be no delay.
>> And that's probably what MacOSX and Windows NT does. As far as I know,
>> Darwin uses quantz (AGL?)  as basis of their GUI system , but WIndows NT
>> uses bullshit GDI .....
> I thought about this but many people would disagree with us,
> especially the entire kernel development community.
> The kernel is designed to enforce policy not mechanism.  However,
> Direct Rendering, particularly if we use the client/server model in
> userspace, would suffer from unavoidable latency.  To make linux a
> better operation system, specially for hardcore gamers, we have to put
> it in the kernel.  Also, kernel implementation of the
> compositor/driver and GPU syscalls shouldn't over complicate the
> existing kernel core API.  I think this is the best solution!

s/wayland/compiz/gi in this conversation, and then read it all again
and see if you still agree with what you're saying.

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