Who is working on the non-drawing parts?

Marty Jack martyj19 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 24 05:42:31 PST 2010

This is all good that the drawing and input event path is cleaned up.  I am concerned that will be elegant, and the parts that aren't drawing will be tacked on in a poor way.  I would be interested in helping make sure this comes out well.  Having worked on LXDE and a potential follow-on for a few years now, I have come away with a very good understanding of all the existing X mechanism.

Maybe this is all understood and I simply haven't found where it is written down.

I am interested in what will replace things like

- ICCCM/EWMH, where a desktop environment can enumerate and control the display clients
- the things that root and application window properties are used for under X
- some of the things that selections are used for under X (poor man's system-wide lock manager)
- DPMS, XRandR, mouse and keyboard properties (the new xset, xinput, and xrandr, if you will)
- Accessibility knobs ("AccessX features")
- Window states (Iconify, deiconify, "I'm a dock", fullscreen, and such)
- Xembed, Xdnd, clipboard replacements that applications are all converted to use

And I haven't found a clear explanation of what controls window placement.

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